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This Side of Skin book coverThis Side of Skin

by Deborah Parédez

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Paperback, 72 pages

Less than a dozen copies remain of this title.

This is the stunning first collection by a poet whose San Antonio roots go all the way back to the 1730s. This Side of Skin is rich in cultura y familia, as we hear in her oft-anthologized poem, "Bustillo Drive Grocery," or in her celebration of youthful exuberance, "Poem for the King William Dancers:"

San Antonio summer night
shadows set free from late afternoon's spell

		begin to move
	muevete  muevete    aye!

spinning across the floor of that cantina
on the corner just off highway 281
our cumbias slippery dark
like the Shiner Bock that slides
down our throats slippery dark
like the pools of eyes that reflect
our movements from the bar
we could drown there
so we don't bother with these men
with the plot lines that spin
in their slippery dark minds
let them stare and lean
as dogged flowers toward the sun ...

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