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Street of the Seven Angels book coverStreet of the Seven Angels

by John Howard Griffin

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Cloth, 192 pages

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0n the Street of the Seven Angels in Paris, we find a gathering of humanity's finest and most frivolous. The Paris bookseller, Char1es Edmund Dantes Durand; the liberal-minded, generous monks of a poor Dominican monastery; Madame Culuhac, the personally abstemious owner of the local whorehouse; the Mademoiselle Mailleferre, whose Religious Arts Shop is the headquarters for the newly formed Société forthe Preservation of Christian Morality Against Contemporary Indecency; and a host of other finely delineated characters and caricatures.

The Société stations a catty collection of spinsters and housewives to spy on their neighbors, resulting in an hilarious citizen's arrest and a revealing censorship trial that intrigues all of Paris. As Jonathan Kozol writes of this novel, "the literary magic here is in the vivid details. I felt I was back in Paris once again after so many years, and followed the delicious story of Durand (a wonderful creation!) as if I were walking with him through the city."

Studs Terkel says of the author: "John Howard Griffin was one of the most remarkable people I have ever encountered. He was just one of those guys that comes along once or twice in a century -- and lifts the hearts of the rest of us."

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