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Mahogany Blues (broadside) book coverMahogany Blues (broadside)

by Bryce Milligan

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Broadside, 1 pages

"Mahogany Blues" is a broadside of a poem by Bryce Milligan. This broadside, approximately 10.5 by 15 inches, was printed by letterpress on handmade paper at the School by the River Press, Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, Texas. Printer and designer: Léo Lee; papermaker: Beck Whitehead. Limited to 70 numbered and signed copies. The broadside was released on May 21, 2016, to commemorate an exhibit of Milligan's book designs: "Necessary Work: Bryce Milligan's World of Words and Design" (Bihl Haus Arts, San Antonio, Texas, April 9 - May 21, 2016.

The paper is 100 percent Kenaf Fiber, pigmented with iron oxide. The pulp painting consists of two layers: (1) blue-grey "smoke" veil, lightly pressed; (2) stenciled white cotton "strings."

"Mahogany Blues" was printed using VanSon rubber-based letterpress inks. Five runs were required: 1st Run: (3/4 process blue, 1/4 reflex blue) Pressure printing — "smoke" with wood texture. 2nd Run: (3/4 process blue, 1/4 reflex blue) — Foam Printing guitar/figure/fingers/smoke. 3rd Run: (Custom Mahogany) — Foam printing Fret/ 4/4 beat. 4th Run: (Darker Mahogany) — Polymer Plate Colophon [Text]. 5th Run: (Dark Brown) — Polymer Plate Title and Body [Text].

Font: Big Caslon, 26, 22, and 15 point type.

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