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Apology to a Whale: Words to Mend a World book coverApology to a Whale: Words to Mend a World

by Cecile Pineda

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Paperback, 224 pages

Human beings are killing the planet and themselves in the process. Cecile Pineda asks a simple question: Why? An urgent re-framing of current ecological thinking, Apology to a Whale addresses what the intersection of relative linguistics and archeology reveals about the present world's power relations, and what the extraordinary communication of plants and animals can teach us. Apology to a Whale is a wild ride on the frontiers of archeo-linguistics in search of the greatest killer on Earth.

Apology to a Whale points to root causes underlying human alienation from the natural world. Until this separation is brought into historical perspective, efforts to counteract the advancing dangers of global warming will remain partial and unorganized at best.

Pineda shines a light on questions that may easily escape our understanding, living as we do inside the belly of a culture that enshrines war, hierarchy, patriarchy, whiteness, male supremacy, and gods who, despite constant evocation somehow remain coy about descending from above — and who speaks a language derived from proto-Indo-European.

Why are the world's political powers aligned as they are? What other power arrangements may exist on earth, including those in other times and places? What can we learn from these other worlds to help us end the violence done daily to all living things on earth?

Pineda probes the fault lines where cultures and where disciplines meet as fertile hunting grounds for throwing light on who we are and what has led us here. Tracing the intersections between anthropology and archeology, between linguistics, natural history and gender studies, Apology to a Whale dares to raise these issues while suggesting new ways of thinking and feeling about them.

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