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Shadow Knight's Mate book coverShadow Knight's Mate

by Jay Brandon

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Paperback, 320 pages

Jack Driscoll is a member of a shadowy group known as The Circle. Its members have stealthily shaped America's foreign and domestic policies for over two centuries. ("We do not hold office. We are not CEOs. Actually, two of our members have been First Ladies of the United States, but not the two you would think.") Among their other triumphs, the Circle brought down world Communism. But they operate through suggestion and subtle influence, and are never overt.... But the Circle has been broken. The country is under a bizarre nanotech attack from ... very rich terrorists? Space invaders? Meanwhile, Europe is full of Jack look-alikes intent on putting a price on his head, the President intends to withdraw all American forces from everywhere, and a major peace conference is about to become a bloodbath. And then there's this girl ...

Along the way readers will discover some of the "real history" of America, including why Lee chose Gettysburg, why Franklin Roosevelt had to run for a third and fourth term in office, and why Tom Hanks' becoming a movie star was one of the Circle's greatest failures.

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