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Lawful Abuse: How the Century of the Child Became the Century of the Corporation book coverLawful Abuse: How the Century of the Child Became the Century of the Corporation

by Robert Flynn

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Paperback, 232 pages

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"America has never known what to do with needy children." Thus begins Robert Flynn's powerful indictment of America's abandonment of human beings, and children in particular, in favor of Corporations, beginning with the election of Ronald Reagan.

Child labor, indentured servitude, and child slavery are undeniable parts of American history. As agrarian families moved into urban areas, children became preferred workers in factories because owners saw them as manageable, cheaper, and less likely to strike -- expendable. To save the children, reformers declared the 20th Century would be the "Century of the Child." By 1918 every state required some public education for children. In 1938, minimum wage and maximum hours permitted family time and freed some children from work before and after school. By 1967 there was Head Start, food stamps and free school lunches.

In 1981, under Reagan, the United States began sponsoring wars that were funded to a large degree by allowing the trafficking of illegal drugs. Legislation began to favor corporations over human beings to the point that, now, the Right Wing of the so-called conservative Republican party proposes that persons who can breathe must bail out corporate "persons" that can't breathe or be jailed for crimes. Even education has been sold to the highest bidder. Only the military industrial complex and international financial institutions have profited by this. America's creative and intellectual capital have been squandered, and the county's moral standing in the world has been trashed.

The consequences of this have been devastating for America's children. Deregulation and lax enforcement have caused unnecessary deaths to workers in many fields, but far greater are the numbers of deaths and disabilities to fetuses, babies, and children -- numbers that will only increase until voters decide to stop the destruction of America and its children. High crimes have been committed against our future, and the perpetrators have gone unpunished. The time is now to end this "lawful abuse" at every level.

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